PAC Rim 28

28th Pacific Rim Roman Literature Seminar, La Trobe University City Campus, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne, 6-9 July 2014.

Ancient and modern scholars alike have described, represented, deciphered and constructed Rome in a multiplicity of ways. Both now and in the past, writers have attempted to make sense of Rome’s identity/identities as an urban landscape, as a political entity, as a producer and consumer of culture, as an idea and as an empire. Rome is cast in a myriad of ways in literary texts: an ideal society, a fallen state, a reinvigorated civilisation, a mirror or an historical parallel, and scholars increasingly recognise that even Roman texts which nominally set their action in entirely different time periods and geographical locations or in the realms of mythology cannot escape dealing with and therefore theorising Rome itself. As a concept ‘Rome’ is flexible and mutable, and in the hands of skilled writers the boundaries of this concept might be reinforced, questioned or challenged.

For information about presentations (deadline for abstracts is 14 March), contact Rhiannon Evans ( or visit URL

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