Mobility and Materiality in Byzantine-Islamic Relations (7th-12th Centuries)

The Byzantine Studies Research Center at Boğaziçi University is pleased to announce the online conference “Mobility and Materiality in Byzantine-Islamic Relations (7th-12th Centuries)” to take place on 12-13 November 2021.

This international conference brings together scholars who are interested in exploring mobility as well as the question of how mobility manifests itself in materiality between Byzantine and Islamic communities from the seventh century to 1204. Seventeen papers to be presented at the conference address political, economic, and religious/cultural networks facilitating the movement of people and objects, the role of mobility in the organization and sustenance of groups and individuals, the nature of the contacts on the land and sea frontiers, and the impact of materiality on the processes of transfer, use/consumption, appropriation, and identity building in the context of Byzantine-Islamic relations.

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Conference program

Abstracts of papers

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