Imperial Speeches in Ammianus Marcellinus: A Master Class with Jan Willem Drijvers

July 20, 9.:30am, Macquarie University – Moot Court, Building W3a Room 238


Download the flyer.

Participation is restricted to postgraduate and upper-level undergraduate students.

Students from outside Macquarie are also welcome. To confirm attendance, please
email by July 4.

Assoc. Prof. Drijvers is a distinguished scholar of late Roman studies, whose many publications range from seminal works on the empress Helena, mother of the first Christian emperor Constantine, to a series of scholarly commentaries on the key late Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus, and studies of the Syriac Julian Romance.  His current research projects include a monograph on the emperor Jovian and new commentaries on the Panegyrici Latini.  This is his first visit to Australia and offers a crucial opportunity for students of Roman and late antique studies in particular to benefit from his expertise in this area.

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