Hymns, Homilies and Hermeneutics in Byzantium

On Saturday 18 August 2018, the Australasian Association for Byzantine Studies will hold a symposium at Macquarie University entitled “Hymns, Homilies and Hermeneutics in Byzantium.”

The symposium coincides with the first ever visit to Australia by Dr Damaskinos Olkinuora, a Finnish scholar and Byzantinist. Dr Olkinuora is a senior lecturer at the University of Eastern Finland and has published widely on aspects of Byzantine liturgy, hymnology and theology.

The symposium will explore the interactions between hymnody, homiletics and hermeneutics in Byzantium. It will probe how hymns and homilies functioned as a form of biblical exegesis in the liturgical life of the Byzantines but also more broadly in a performative sense and as a source of identity.

The flyer for this event is available here and the program here. If you are interested in attending, please contact Andrew Mellas at andrew.mellas@sydney.edu.au by 30 June 2018.

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