Funding for Workshops

AABS Resolution for Funding Workshops

The AABS invites applications for funding for workshops based upon the following criteria:

  1. Funding of up to $500 for a workshop, conference or seminar on a theme relating to Byzantine Studies.  A program should be included in the application.
  2. The amount should be for an event to be held within 12 months of the award of the funds.
  3. A committee comprised of the President, Treasurer and Secretary to decide within 3 weeks of submission.  Where an absolute majority of such a committee is based in one institution, State or Territory, the committee will be expanded by the minimum number of additional members needed to ensure that no one institution, State or Territory holds an absolute majority on the Committee.  Any such additional committee members will be appointed from the AABS committee on the nomination of the President.
  4. Funds may be spent on airfares, accommodation for speakers, venue costs or catering; a detailed budget should be presented in the application.
  5. Applications should be addressed to the secretary:
  6.  Submissions will be accepted on 30 April and a second round offered on 1 October (funds permitting).
  7. Maximum of one grant per year for any given institution, State or Territory.
  8. Applicants for funding must be paid-up members of AABS.