Forty-fourth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference

Submission online by: February 15, 2018, Thursday, 11:59 EST
Notification email by: March 15, 2018, Thursday

The Forty-fourth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference (BSC) will be held in San Antonio, Texas, October 4-7 2018.

For information on BSANA, please consult the BSANA website,; for details on the conference, please consult the 2018 BSC website,, which will be further updated as new information becomes available.

The Local Arrangements Chair for 2018 is Dr. Annie Labatt of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

The BSC is the annual forum for the presentation and discussion of papers on every aspect of Byzantine Studies and is open to all, regardless of nationality or academic status. It is also the occasion of the annual meeting of the Byzantine Studies Association of North America (BSANA), conducted by its officers:
President: Emmanuel Bourbouhakis, Literature (Princeton University, NJ) (ebourbou@Princeton.EDU)
Vice President: Jennifer Ball, Art History (City University of New York, NY) (
Secretary: Marica Cassis, Archaeology (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) (
Treasurer: Betsy Williams, Dumbarton Oaks (

We welcome proposals on any aspect of Byzantine studies. Call for papers.

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