Byzantine Culture in Translation: Programme

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Friday 28 November


5:00 Registration Opens (Abel Smith Lecture Theatre Foyer, Building 23)

6:00-7:00 Public Lecture (Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, Building 23)


Translations from Greek into Latin and Arabic during the Middle Ages: Searching for the Classical Tradition
Speaker: Maria Mavroudi
Chair: Amelia Brown

7:00 Reception (Abel Smith Lecture Theatre Foyer)


Saturday 29 November


8.30 am Registration (01-E318 Forgan Smith Level 3)

9-10.30 am Session 1

1A Exporting Byzantine Monasticism (01-E302 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Ken Parry

Dorotheus of Gaza Beyond Byzantium
Michael Champion

At the Nexus of Greek-, Syriac- and Latin-speaking Christianity: Basil of Caesarea’s ‘Small Asketikon’
Anna Silvas

The ‘Philokalia’ and Its First Translation into a Modern Language
Doru Costache

1B Constantinople Through the Ages (01-E303 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Bronwen Neil

The Performative Function of Column Monuments in Constantinople
Rebecca Smith

Constantinople as an ‘Imago et Axis Mundi’: The Impact of Near Eastern and Mediterranean Conceptions of the City on the New Rome
Mario Baghos

The Translation of Constantinople from Byzantine to Ottoman, as Revealed by the Lorck Panorama of the City
Nigel Westbrook


10.30-11:00 Morning Tea (01-E318 Forgan Smith Level 3)


11:00-12:30 Session 2

2A Intercultural Texts: Byzantine Scripture and Dreambooks (01-E302 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Doru Costache

Paraphrase and the Translation of Scripture
Andrew Faulkner

Pascalis Romanus ‘Liber Thesauri Occulti and the Translation Movement of the Twelfth Century
Lola Sharon Davidson

Translating Byzantine Dreams from West to East
Bronwen Neil

2B (Re)Writing Byzantine Histories (01-E303 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: John Melville-Jones

The Orient Express: Ravenna-Constantinople
Ann Moffatt

Narrating the Reign of Constantine in Byzantine Chronicles
Roger Scott

“The priests must either keep quiet or die”: The Bishops of Constantinople and the Monastic Menace
Justin Pigott


12:30-1:30 Lunch

Executive Committee Meeting (01-E302 Forgan Smith Level 3)


1:30-3:00 Session 3

3A Poetic Representations (01-E302 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Ann Moffatt

Self-Definition Through the Other: Byzantines in the Court Poetry of Sayf al-Dawla
Claudia Sirdah

Nikephoros Phokas as Superhero
John Burke

Yeats’s Byzantium: The Image and the Echo
Penelope Buckley

3B Outliers of Byzantium (01-E303 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Pauline Allen

Hounding the Churches: Julian and the ‘Khwāday-nāmag’
Matthew O’Farrell

The “Wolves of Arabia”: Apocalyptic Discourse in ‘Epistula’ 8 by Maximus the Confessor
Ryan Strickler

From Greek to Syriac to Sogdian: Byzantine-Rite Christians (Melkites) Beyond the Borders of the Byzantine Empire
Ken Parry


3:00-3:30 Afternoon Tea (01-E318 Forgan Smith Level 3)

3:00–5:00 R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum open, Michie Building Level 2

3:30–4:30 Practical Session: R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum tour

4:30–6:00 Free time


6:00 Meet at UQ Chancellor’s Place Bus Stop to travel to Conference Dinner at Regatta Hotel on bus 411 (optional)

6:30 Dinner for ticketholders at Regatta Hotel, Coronation Drive, Toowong (upstairs room)


Sunday 30 November


8:30 Registration (01-E318 Forgan Smith Level 3)

9:00-10:30 Session 4

4A Beyond Byzantine Borders (01-E302 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Caillan Davenport

Princess to Potager: The Presents and Presence of Illustrated Herbals in the Byzantine Court
Yvette Hunt

Reception of the Emperor Augustus in Byzantine Tradition
Kosta Simic

Medieval Seals from the Fortress ‘Kale’ in Skopje
Robert Mihajlovski (to be confirmed)

4B Translations of Text and Dress in the Seventeenth Century (01-E303 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: John Burke

Restoring Byzantium? Two Greek Writers in Seventeenth-century Wallachia
Alfred Vincent

Byzantium after Byzantium: The Colour-Coded Imperial Court Ceremonial in Muscovite Russia as a Reflection of Byzantine Imperial Court Hierarchy
Zdenko Zlatar

Translating Byzantine Literature in Pre- and Early Modern Poland
Przemysław Marciniak


10:30-11:00 Morning Tea (01-E318 Forgan Smith Level 3)


11:00-12:00 Session 5

5A Text translations in the Medieval West (01-E302 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Roger Scott

Byzantine Religious Tales in Latin Translation: The Work of John of Amalfi
John Duffy

Lost in Translation: Planudes in Search of Human Reason
Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

5B Markers of Social Change (01-E303 Forgan Smith Level 3)

Chair: Andrew Stephenson

Lost in Transition: Equestrian Titles and the Epigraphic Record
Caillan Davenport

Breaking Down Barriers: Eunuchs in Italy, 400-620
Michael Stewart


12:00-1:00 Lunch


1:00-2:00 Biennial General Meeting (01-E303 Forgan Smith Level 3)


2:00 Departure