Maistor: Classical, Byzantine and Renaissance Studies for Robert Browning

Edited by Ann Moffatt

Byzantina Australiensia vol. 5 (Canberra 1984)

ISBN: 0 9593626 1 4; ISSN: 0725-3079

19 papers; xx, 358 p., 3 p. of plates

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Ian Martin, The Publications of Robert Browning

Trevor J. Saunders, The Controversy About Slavery Reported by Aristotle, Politics, I vi, 1255a4 ff.

A. A. Long, Greek Ethics After MacIntyre and the Stoic Community of Reason

E. J. Jory, The Early Pantomime Riots

P. J. Bicknell, The Dark Side of the Moon

Alanna Emmett, An Early-Fourth-Century Female Monastic Community in Egypt?

J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz, Friends and Enemies of John Chrysostom

Samuel N. C. Lieu, The Holy Men and Their Biographers in Early Byzantium and Medieval China: A Preliminary Comparative Study in Hagiography

John R. S. Mair, Reflections Upon the Theological Tractates of Boethius

J. D. C. Frendo, The Poetic Achievement of George of Pisidia: A Literary and Historical Study

J. D. Howard-Johnston, Thema

Lydia Carras, The Life of St Athanasias of Aegina: A Critical Edition with Introduction

Paul Magdalino, The Bath of Leo the Wise

M. J. Jeffreys, Iakovos Monachos, Letter 3

Athanassios Angelou, Matthaios Gabalos and his Kephalaia

M. C. Davies, An Emperor Without Clothes?  Niccolo Niccoli Under Attack

A. A. M. Bryer, ‘The Faithless Kabazitai and Scholarioi’

Margaret Carroll, Constantine XI Palaeologus: Some Problems of Image

Ann Moffatt, The After-life of the Letters of Theophylaktos Simokatta