Basileia: Essays on Imperium and Culture in Honour of E.M. and M.J. Jeffreys

Edited by Geoffrey Nathan and Lynda Garland

Byzantina Australiensia vol. 17 (Brisbane 2011)

ISBN: 9781876503307; ISSN: 0725-3079

18 essays, 266 pages including 50 illustrations

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Basileia brings together 18 essays on the topic of Imperium and Culture in the Byzantine Empire, from the fourth to the fifteenth centuries. The volume is dedicated to Elizabeth and Michael Jeffreys, who number among the founding members of the Australian Association for Byzantine Studies and whose contribution to the field is internationally recognised. Each of the honorands has contributed a chapter; other contributors include Roger Scott, Pauline Allen, Brian Croke, Ann Mullett, Geoffrey Nathan, Lynda Garland, Bronwen Neil, Andrew Gillett, Amelia Brown, Andrew Stone, Nigel Westbrook and Erika Gielen. This collection will have a broad appeal to those interested in the complex relationship between imperial rule and culture in Byzantium. The volume includes 50 colour and black-and-white images.


Ann Moffatt, Michael and Elizabeth Jeffreys

Ann Moffatt, Publications of Michael John Jeffreys and Elizabeth Mary Jeffreys

Elizabeth Jeffreys, Purple Prose? The Emperor and Literature

Michael Jeffreys, Versified Press-releases on the Role of the Komnenian Emperor: The Public Poems of Manganeios Prodromos

Amelia R. Brown, Archbishops, Generals and Governors between East and West in Early Byzantine Greece

Pauline Allen, Brushes with the Imperium: Letters of Synesius of Cyrene and Augustine of Hippo on Crisis

Bronwen Neil, Imperial Benefactions to the Fifth-century Roman Church

Andrew Gillett, Ethnography and Imperium in the Sixth Century: Frankish and Byzantine Rhetoric in the Epistolae Austrasicae

Roger Scott, Interpreting the Late Fifth and Early Sixth Centuries from Byzantine Chronicle Trivia

Geoffrey Nathan, The Vienna Disocorides’ dedicatio to Anicia Juliana: A Usurpation of Imperial Patronage?

Brian Croke, Justinian the “Sleepless Emperor”

Sarah Gador-Whyte, Procopius and Justinian’s Propaganda

Ross Burns, Justinian’s Fortifications East of Antioch

Lynda Garland, Public Lavatories, Mosquito Nets and Agathias’ Cat: The Sixth-century Epigram in its Justinian Context

Penelope Nash, Demonstrations of Imperium: Byzantine Influences in the Late Eighth and Tenth Centuries in the West

Andrew Stone, Imperial Types in Byzantine Panegyric

Penelope Buckley, Alexios Komnenos as the Last Constantine

Erika Geilen, Joseph the Philosopher, an Outstanding Outsider: Philosophy and Rhetoric at the Court of Andronicus II

Robert Mihajlovski, The Medieval Town of Prilep

Nigel Westbrook, The Freshfield Folio view of the Hippodrome in Istanbul and the Church of St John Diippion