Byzantine Narrative: Papers in Honour of Roger Scott

Edited by John Burke with Ursula Betka, Penelope Buckley, Kathleen Hay, Roger Scott & Andrew Stephenson

Byzantina Australiensia vol. 16 (Melbourne 2006)

ISBN: 1 876503 24 6; 978 1 876503 24 6; ISSN: 0725-3079

41 papers, 650 pages including 105 illustrations

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Narrative in Historians, Chronicles & Fiction

Margaret Mullett, Novelisation in Byzantium: Narrative after the Revival of Fiction

Roger Scott, Narrating Justinian: From Malalas to Manasses

Ingela Nilsson, To Narrate the Events of the Past: On Byzantine Historians, and Historians on Byzantium

Brian Croke,  Tradition and Originality in Photius’ Historical Reading

Bronwen Neil, Narrating the Trials and Death in Exile of Pope Martin I and Maximus the Confessor

Elizabeth McCartney, The Use of Metaphor in Michael Psellos’ Chronographia

Penelope Buckley, War and Peace in the Alexiad

Theoni Sklavos, Moralising History: The Synopsis Historiarum of John Skylitzes

Emma Strugnell, The Representation of Augustae in John Skylitzes’ Synopsis Historiarum

John Burke, The Madrid Skylitzes as an Audio-Visual Experiment

Andrew Gillett, The Goths and the Bees in Jordanes: A Narrative of No Return

Eamon H.R. Kelly, From ‘Fallen Woman’ to Theotokos: Music, Women’s Voices and Byzantine Narratives of Gender Identity

Nick Nicholas, How the Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds became a Tale: Grafting Narrative

Vicky Panayotopoulou-Doulavera, Lamenting the Fall or Disguising a Manifesto? The Poem Conquest of Constantinople

Dean Sakel, A Probable Solution to the Problem of the Chronicle of the Turkish Sultans

Narrative in Byzantine Art

Felicity Harley, The Narration of Christ’s Passion in Early Christian Art

Matthew Martin, Observations on the Paintings of the Exodus Chapel, Bagawat Necropolis, Kharga Oasis, Egypt

Julia Kelly, The Column of Arcadius: Reflections of a Roman Narrative Tradition

Debbie Del Frate, Biblical Narrative in the Mosaics of Bishop Theodore’s Cathedral, Aquileia

Balsa Djuric, Plato, Plutarch and the Sibyl in the Fresco Decoration of the Episcopal Church of the Virgin Ljeviska in Prizren

Nira Stone, Narrativity in Armenian Manuscript Illustration

Joan Barclay Lloyd, Sources for the Story of the Creation in the Mosaics of Sicily and Venice

Ursula Betka, Icon and Narrative: Memorializing Saint Francis in Assisi

Margaret Manion, Authentication, Theology and Narrative in the Gospel Book of Theophanes

Nancy P. Sevcenko, Spiritual Progression in the Canon Tables of the Melbourne Gospels

Christian Narrative and Eschatology

Eric Osborn, Clement of Alexandria – From Prophecy to Plato

John Wortley, The ‘Sacred Remains’ of Constantine and Helena

Bill Leadbetter, A Byzantine Narrative of the Future and the Antecedents of the Last World Emperor

Michael Champion, Kosmas Indikopleustes and Narratives in Sixth-century Liturgy and History

Annamma Varghese, Kaiserkritik in Two Kontakia of Romanos

Andrei Timotin, Byzantine Visionary Accounts of the Other World: A Reconsideration

Peter A.L. Hill, A Ninth Century Passion Harmony

Architecture, Archaeology, Economy and Ta Exotika

Geoffrey Nathan, ‘Pothos tes Philoktistou’: Anicia Juliana’s Architectural Narratology

Nigel Westbrook, Spoliation and Imitation: Continuity and Radical Disjunction in Byzantine Palatine Architecture

Hartmut Ziche, Historians and the Economy: Zosimos and Prokopios on Fifth- and Sixth-Century Economic Development

Tamara Lewit, Stories in the Ground: Settlement Remains and Archaeology as Narrative in the Fourth- to Sixth-century Eastern Mediterranean

Timothy E. Gregory, Narrative of the Byzantine Landscape

Jialing Xu, Narratives of the Roman-Byzantine World in Ancient Chinese Sources

Chen Zhi-Qiang, Narrative Materials about the Byzantines in Chinese Sources

Robert Mihajlovski, Three Byzantine Lead Seals from Devolgrad (Ancient Audaristos) near Stobi

Bob Priestley, The Varangian Guard