The Sixth Century: End or Beginning?

Edited by Pauline Allen and Elizabeth Jeffreys

Byzantina Australiensia vol. 10 (Brisbane 1996)

ISBN: 1 86420 074 X; ISSN: 0725-3079

22 papers; xviii, 309 p., 13 p. of plates

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Selected articles below are linked to online versions of the originals.

Philip Rousseau, Inheriting the Fifth Century: Who Bequeathed What?

Roger Scott, Writing the Reign of Justinian: Malalas versus Theophanes

Katherine Adshead, Procopius and the Samaritans

Michael Jeffreys, Bury, Malalas and the Nika Riot

Elizabeth Jeffreys, The Chronicle of John Malalas, Book 1: A Commentary

Wolfgang Liebeschuetz, The Use of Pagan Mythology in the Christian Empire with Particular Reference to the Dionysiaca of Nonnus

Barry Baldwin, Notes of Christian Epigrams in Book One of the Greek Anthology

Ian Martlew, The Reading of Paul the Silentiary

Daniel Callam, Early Monasticism and Ps. Denys

Kathleen Hay, Impact of St Sabas: The Legacy of Palestinian Monasticism

John Chryssavgis, Aspects of Spiritual Direction: The Palestinian Tradition

Michael Maas, Junillus Africanus’ Instituta Regularia Divinae Legis in its Justinianic Context

Corrie Molenberg, The Silence of the Sources: The Sixth Century and the ‘Antiochene’ Exegesis

Pauline Allen, Severus of Antioch and the Homily: The End of the Beginning?

Mary Cunningham, The Sixth Century: A Turning-point for Byzantine Homiletics?

Patrick Gray, Through the Tunnel with Leontius of Jerusalem: The Sixth-century Transformation of Theology

Karl-Heinz Uthemann, Christ’s Image versus Christology: Thoughts on the Justinianic Era as Threshold of an Epoch

Joan Barclay Lloyd, Sixth-century Art and Architecture in ‘Old Rome’: End or Beginning?

Ann Moffatt, Sixth-century Ravenna from the Perspective of Abbott Agnellus

Michael Milojevic, Forming and Transforming Proto-Byzantine Urban Public Space

Paul Farquharson, Byzantium, Planet Earth and the Solar System

Johannes Koder, Climatic Change in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries?