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Byzantina Australiensia has proved a highly successful series since the first volume was published in 1981.  We now have 26 volumes, with Vol. 26, Dissidence and Persecution in Byzantium: From Constantine to Michael Psellos, ed. by Danijel Dzino and Ryan Strickler, published in 2021.

As of November 2016, Brill are publishing and distributing the series in both print and electronic formats.  The individual volumes are now available at   See the web site for prices and availability.

Copies of each published volume may be ordered online, including back issues.  AABS financial members are eligible for a 25% discount.  Brill has set up a promotion code for AABS members; please email Amelia Brown at to obtain the code.

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Vol. 27, Cultural Transfer of Music Between Byzantium and the West?: The Case of the Chants of the So-Called Missa Graeca, Nina-Maria Wanek, (2023 forthcoming).


Vol. 26, Dissidence and Persecution in Byzantium: From Constantine to Michael Psellos, ed. by Danijel Dzino and Ryan Strickler.

Vol. 25 Hymns, Homilies & Hermeneutics in Byzantium, ed. Sarah Gador-Whyte and Andrew Mellas.

Vol. 24 Dreams, Memory and Imagination in Byzantium, ed. Bronwen Neil and Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides, 2018.

Vol. 23 The Rise and Fall of Nikephoras II Phokas: Five Contemporary Texts in Annotated Translations, tr. Denis Sullivan, 2018.

Vol. 22 The Life of Saint Pankratios of Taormina, Cynthia Stallman-Pacitti, ed. John Burke, 2018.

Vol. 21 Byzantine Culture in Translation, ed. Amelia Brown and Bronwen Neil, 2017.

Vol. 20 Byzantium, Its Neighbours and Its Cultures, ed. Danijel Dzino and Ken Parry, Brisbane 2014.

Vol. 19 Eustathios of Thessaloniki: Secular Orations 1167/8 to 1179, by Andrew F. Stone, Brisbane 2013.

Vol. 18 Constantine Porphyrogennetos: The Book of Ceremonies, translated by Ann Moffatt and Maxeme Tall, (2 vols.) Canberra 2012.

Vol. 17  Basileia: Essays on Imperium and Culture in Honour of E. M. and M. J. Jeffreys, ed. G. Nathan and L. Garland, Brisbane 2011.

Vol. 16  Byzantine Narrative: Papers in Honour of Roger Scott, ed. J. Burke et al., Melbourne 2006.

Vol. 15  Feast, Fast or Famine: Food and Drink in Byzantium, ed. W. Mayer and S. Trzcionka, Brisbane 2005.

Vol. 14  Vitsentzos Kornaros, Erotokritos, trans., intro. & notes by G. Betts, S. Gauntlett & T. Spilias, Melbourne, 2004.

Vol. 13  Byzantine Macedonia: Identity, Image and History, Papers from the Melbourne Conference July 1995, ed. J. Burke & R. Scott, Melbourne 2000.

Vol. 12  John Kaminiates, The Capture of Thessaloniki, trans., intro. & notes by D. Frendo & A. Fotiou (with Böhlig’s text), Perth 2000.

Vol. 11  Genesios, On the Reigns of the Emperors, trans. & comm. by A. Kaldellis, Canberra 1998.

Vol. 10  The Sixth Century: End or Beginning?, ed. P. Allen & E.M. Jeffreys, Brisbane 1996.

Vol. 9  Leontius, Presbyter of Constantinople: Fourteen Homilies, trans. & comm. by P. Allen with C. Datema, Brisbane 1991.

Vol. 8  Eustathios, The Capture of Thessaloniki, trans. J.R. Melville-Jones (with Kyriakidis’ text), Canberra 1988.

Vol. 7  Marcellinus Comes, Chronicle, trans. & comm. B. Croke (with Mommsen’s text), Sydney 1995.

Vol. 6  Studies in John Malalas, ed. E. Jeffreys with B. Croke & R. Scott, Sydney 1990.

Vol. 5  Maistor: Classical, Byzantine and Renaissance Studies for Robert Browning, ed. A. Moffatt, Canberra 1984.

Vol. 4  The Chronicle of John Malalas, trans. E. Jeffreys, M. Jeffreys, R. Scott et al., Melbourne 1986 (rp 2004).

Vol. 3  Byzantine Humanism, P. Lemerle, trans. H. Lindsay & A. Moffatt, Canberra 1986.

Vol. 2  Zosimus, New History, trans. R. Ridley, Sydney 1982 (rp 2004).

Vol. 1  Byzantine Papers, ed. E.M. & M.J. Jeffreys & A. Moffatt, Canberra 1981.


The series Byzantina Australiensia was created to publish scholarly work in the field of Byzantine Studies.  Its major focus has been in the direction of translations and commentaries of the ancient source material and the publication of conference papers, but any subject will be considered if it is related to Byzantine Studies and the publication will fit into the format of the existing series.

Byzantina Australiensia is officially recognized as a refereed series and all material submitted will be submitted to at least one independent referee before it is accepted for publication.

Monographs and PhD theses are not accepted for publication.

Proposals for future volumes should be addressed to the AABS Secretary at with a completed proposal (three pages maximum).

Contributors to edited volumes will each receive one printed copy of their own book.


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