Afro-Byzantine and Greco-African Conference

We invite you to participate in the International Conference on Greco-African and Afro-Byzantine Studies at the University of Johannesburg to be held 27 October–1 November 2014.

An International Conference on Greco-African and Afro-Byzantine Studies (i.e. History, Civilization, Culture, Arts) will take place in October/November 2014 at UJ. With Afro-Byzantine Studies we understand the study of the African civilizations of which the development was influenced by Byzantine history and civilization (mainly late ancient and medieval North Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia). Greco-African Studies refer to the study and teaching of Greek in Africa, cultural interaction between (Ancient and Modern) Greece and Africa. By extension Ancient/Medieval Africa itself can be combined with these themes. The conference will thus be a vehicle giving the occasion to its participants to relate and work together in order to further determine, assess, appreciate and promote high quality research on selected aspects of ‘Old’ African history and civilization in conjunction with Greece, mainly Byzantium.

The proposed Conference will greatly contribute to a better assessment, comprehension and appreciation of the great African Civilization of the past. Consequently, it will present an occasion to exchange views on our knowledge of its ideological, political, institutional, artistic and religious aspects.

Peer-reviewed Proceedings will be published. We are already negotiating with publishers.

A communication may be either 30 minutes or 15 minutes. There will be seminars and discussion groups. Please, let us know in which category or categories you will participate. We ask to send us the theme of your presentation before 1 July, and at least by 1 October a short abstract of your paper (10 to 15 lines). Your paper can be given to the organisers during or at the end of the Conference for publication and peer-reviewing.

Accommodation, Transport and Events

We have a range of accommodation possibilities ranging from very cheap to moderate costs. All these accommodations include breakfast.

Accommodation is possible from R. 200 per night (in youth hostels, for students) to maximum R.1700 per room in very comfortable upper class guesthouses. The average price for a comfortable single room is ca R.650, for a double room, ca. R850 per night. A list will be sent to all respondents who are interested in the Conference. There may be special arrangements for students on demand. All these accommodations are nearby the University, at walking distance.

At several occasions the participants will be invited at lunches in their honour. Tea, coffee and snacks will be available.

There are restaurants at the campus and cheap as well as middle class restaurants nearby the University and nearby the guesthouses. If at some occasions activities will be held outside the University, transport will be arranged.

Please, note that South Africa is a cheap country. The Rand is sliding and at present $1 = ca. R.11.50, Euro 1 = ca R. 15 and ₤1 = ca R.18.

For more confirmation, please contact the organisers.


A registration fee is payable for participants: R. 500 for international participants, R. 300 for South African participants. This covers costs for tea, coffee and some organised lunches.

Students do not pay fees.

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