Byzantine Culture in Translation

Edited by Amelia Brown and Bronwen Neil

Byzantina Australiensia vol. 21


Amelia Brown, Introduction

Roger Scott, Narrating the Reign of Constantine in Byzantine Chronicles

Michael Edward Stewart, Breaking Down Barriers: Eunuchs in Italy, 400-620

Ann Moffatt, The Medieval Orient Express: Constantinople-Ravenna ca AD 700

John Burke, Nikephoros Phokas as Superhero

Yvette Hunt, Bang For His Buck: Dioscorides as a Gift of the Tenth-century Byzantine Court

John Duffy, Byzantine Religious Tales in Latin Translation: The Work of John of Amalfi

Michael Champion, Translating Dorotheus of Gaza: From Gaza to Humanist Europe

Maria Mavroudi, Translations from Greek into Latin and Arabic during the Middle Ages: Searching for the Classical Tradition

Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides, A Web of Translations: Planudes in Search of Human Reason

Alfred Vincent, Restoring Byzantium? Two Greek Writers in Seventeenth-century Wallachia

Nigel Westbrook and Rene Van Meeuwen, The Translation of Constantinople from Byzantine to Ottoman, as Revealed by the Lorck Prospect of the City

Penelope Buckley, Yeats’s Two Byzantiums

Bronwen Neil, Translating Byzantium in the New Millennium



Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides, Monash University

Amelia Brown, University of Queensland

Penelope Buckley, University of Melbourne

John Burke, University of Melbourne

Michael Champion, Australian Catholic University

John Duffy, Harvard University

Yvette Hunt, University of Queensland

Maria Mavroudi, University of California Berkeley

Ann Moffatt, Australian National University

Bronwen Neil, Macquarie University

Roger Scott, University of Melbourne

Michael Edward Stewart, University of Queensland

Rene Van Meeuwen, University of Western Australia

Alfred Vincent, University of Sydney

Nigel Westbrook, University of Western Australia